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Why will we miss YK Sabharwal?

YK Sabharwal, the thirty-sixth Chief Justice of India has worked enormously for the betterment of people, legal system and above all for the development of the country. He has served the legal system all his life, regardless of numerous allegations, controversies that came up in the path of his major judgments.  His judgements have always raised many eyebrows but when it comes to the application of the same, valid and fruitful changes have been observed all over.

He is the one who has given the citizens, opportunity to challenge fundamental rights laid in the Constitution of India. It is a massive power in the hands of the citizens of the country as they are now protected and no one can breach their rights. Further, without any fear, they can knock the doors of law and ask for justice.

Along with this, YK Sabharwal has given his thoughts clear with respect to the LGBT community concerning their rights. He was the first who understood the depth of LGBT rights and why they are so important. And today, we can see the change in the life of the community.

There are other aspects that came into light, as YK Sabharwal worked for the media by reducing the length of judgments so all can comprehend it. Though we don't have YK Sabharwal today with us, but he will always stay with us in the form of his judgments. To enlighten yourself more about him, connect with us at now.


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