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A book on Late CJI YK Sabharwal

The journey of Y K Sabharwal and his impeccable list of judicial decisions are now bundled up together in the form of a book called “Beyond the Name – A Fulfilling Journey”. This book has covered everything about our late CJI that no one knows about. Along with the landmark judgments, one can find some hidden secrets, illustration, journals, interviews and the list goes on and on. The family and friends of Mr YK Sabharwal took part in the making of this book by sharing the rare pictures which have been featured in the book. Everyone associated with Y K Sabharwal has grabbed this opportunity and played an essential role in the making of the book.
Reading this book will make you go close to the thought process and ideology of YK Sabharwal. His virtue of bringing the legal system forward by offering a robust platform in the names of judgments and decisions can never be forgotten by the country. This book illustrates various important judicial decisions delivered by late CJI Y K Sabharwal from time to time. Here is the list of significant judgments which are added in the book –
         IR Coelho case
         Fundamental Rights case 
         Delhi Sealing Drive case
         Bihar Assembly case
         Raja Ram Pal case
         Police Reforms case
Together with, various other plentiful of judgments will also be seen. This book will help the young aspiring lawyers, legal advisors, and judges in understanding the law. It clearly explains the life of a judge and how a decision has to be taken, followed by so many hurdles and without compromising on the standards of justice. “Beyond The Name – A Fulfilling Journey” has captured the life of YK Sabharwal from every manner such as starting from a law student, advocate, judge and Chief Justice of India. How he walked the path of success and what were the real challenges that pushed him back.
Y K Sabharwal is known even today for his fearless persona, which is hard to carry for a person who is suiting on the most authoritative and accountable positions of the country. But when the question came up regarding the legal system and Indian judiciary, YK Sabharwal never sat back; instead, he shared his views flawlessly among all. Don't miss out reading the book and to know more connect with .