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The Untold Journey Of Y K Sabharwal

The judgment made by the court of law is not only to bring a change in the life of one or few. But the contexts of the judgments are vast then what we can imagine. We come across with n number of judgments made by the court at various levels every day. But have you ever noticed, there are a few judgments which actually revolve the life of people for good. Y K Sabharwalis one of those judges who served India with dignified and revolutionary judgements. Whether you are a part of a political party, a normal citizen or a person with the other gender; he has always worked in favour of all.
Despite the fact that most of his judgments were not acknowledged by the people but it did bring changes for the betterment. The fruits of his strong decisions can be felt now. Today, the citizen of the country are allowed reaching the court of law, if their Fundamental rights are breached; as Ex-Chief Justice of India YK Sabharwal has given them the power to challenge the Fundamental rights just like th…