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A book on Late CJI YK Sabharwal

The journey of Y K Sabharwal and his impeccable list of judicial decisions are now bundled up together in the form of a book called “Beyond the Name – A Fulfilling Journey”. This book has covered everything about our late CJI that no one knows about. Along with the landmark judgments, one can find some hidden secrets, illustration, journals, interviews and the list goes on and on. The family and friends of Mr YK Sabharwal took part in the making of this book by sharing the rare pictures which have been featured in the book. Everyone associated with Y K Sabharwal has grabbed this opportunity and played an essential role in the making of the book. Reading this book will make you go close to the thought process and ideology of YK Sabharwal. His virtue of bringing the legal system forward by offering a robust platform in the names of judgments and decisions can never be forgotten by the country. This book illustrates various important judicial decisions delivered by late CJI Y K Sabharwal …
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How Y K Sabharwal made his mark in the Indian judiciary

Y K Sabharwal was a legendary personality of Indian legal field. During his entire career, he has gone through a number of challenges, controversies but had never taken a back step. The budding law aspirants of India look forward to Y K Sabharwal. He has been known for various things, but above all, his attitude was respected the most. Today, where the crime is burgeoning, and people are losing their trust over the judiciary, judges like him were the only ray of hope. No matter what the circumstances were and who was standing in front of the court, Mr. Y K Sabharwal has seen everyone with ultimate equality.
In his court, no one was considered, and his judgments were the utter example of the same. Y K Sabharwal never got scared of taking a rigorous step either against the political parties or the construction giants. It is the sole reason as for why he has attained so much respect. His judgments resulted in major controversies, and other parties got enough room to stand against him. Ev…

Why will we miss YK Sabharwal?

YK Sabharwal, the thirty-sixth Chief Justice of India has worked enormously for the betterment of people, legal system and above all for the development of the country. He has served the legal system all his life, regardless of numerous allegations, controversies that came up in the path of his major judgments.His judgements have always raised many eyebrows but when it comes to the application of the same, valid and fruitful changes have been observed all over.
He is the one who has given the citizens, opportunity to challenge fundamental rights laid in the Constitution of India. It is a massive power in the hands of the citizens of the country as they are now protected and no one can breach their rights. Further, without any fear, they can knock the doors of law and ask for justice.

Along with this, YK Sabharwal has given his thoughts clear with respect to the LGBT community concerning their rights. He was the first who understood the depth of LGBT rights and why they are so important…

The Untold Journey Of Y K Sabharwal

The judgment made by the court of law is not only to bring a change in the life of one or few. But the contexts of the judgments are vast then what we can imagine. We come across with n number of judgments made by the court at various levels every day. But have you ever noticed, there are a few judgments which actually revolve the life of people for good. Y K Sabharwalis one of those judges who served India with dignified and revolutionary judgements. Whether you are a part of a political party, a normal citizen or a person with the other gender; he has always worked in favour of all.
Despite the fact that most of his judgments were not acknowledged by the people but it did bring changes for the betterment. The fruits of his strong decisions can be felt now. Today, the citizen of the country are allowed reaching the court of law, if their Fundamental rights are breached; as Ex-Chief Justice of India YK Sabharwal has given them the power to challenge the Fundamental rights just like th…

Why we need judges like Y K Sabharwal

Indian judiciary is a immeasurable subject, and it is not straightforward to be a master of all the topics unless and until you are completely drowned into it and are determined to be an integral part of it as well.The judiciary is above all, but for reaching the absolute top position over the other government and state; Judges like Y K Sabharwal has given their heart and soul. Y K Sabharwal has served the country and its legal system right from being an aspiring advocate and reached the level of Chief justice of India. This journey was not simple, and many hurdles tried to stop his mission, but all because of his determined attitude, he is made his name written in gold in the history.

Ex CJI Y K Sabharwal has initiated many changes in the legal fields and his approach and thought process on the legal case is completely different. He was the one who appreciated the removal of article 357 from the constitution. Along with this, his judgment was he said that minor wear and tear of the m…

Y K Sabharwal; Brave man in the history of Indian Judiciary

What is the task of a judge? Today, we all come across various judgments every single day and give our thoughts on it. But have you ever thought about what is the undertaking of the judge and is it uncomplicated for them to come up with the final decision easily? The answer is no, as sitting in one of the most powerful chairs comes with wholesome responsibilities. It is not indispensable that the judgment given will get applauds from the nation or even from the judiciary and here Y K Sabharwal is the best-suited example. For the time, he served as the judge and the former CJI, he has given many judgments, and some of them were not welcomed by the media, people, and others.

Though we have the most significant judges there are hardly any names that we remember when it comes to judges. Except when we talk about the legendary Y K Sabharwal, people across the nation come with a vibrant smile. There are many reasons as for why he was loved and hated both at the same time. Let me share an ex…

Y K Sabharwal