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Why we need judges like Y K Sabharwal

Indian judiciary is a immeasurable subject, and it is not straightforward to be a master of all the topics unless and until you are completely drowned into it and are determined to be an integral part of it as well.The judiciary is above all, but for reaching the absolute top position over the other government and state; Judges like Y K Sabharwal has given their heart and soul. Y K Sabharwal has served the country and its legal system right from being an aspiring advocate and reached the level of Chief justice of India. This journey was not simple, and many hurdles tried to stop his mission, but all because of his determined attitude, he is made his name written in gold in the history.

Ex CJI Y K Sabharwal has initiated many changes in the legal fields and his approach and thought process on the legal case is completely different. He was the one who appreciated the removal of article 357 from the constitution. Along with this, his judgment was he said that minor wear and tear of the m…

Y K Sabharwal; Brave man in the history of Indian Judiciary

What is the task of a judge? Today, we all come across various judgments every single day and give our thoughts on it. But have you ever thought about what is the undertaking of the judge and is it uncomplicated for them to come up with the final decision easily? The answer is no, as sitting in one of the most powerful chairs comes with wholesome responsibilities. It is not indispensable that the judgment given will get applauds from the nation or even from the judiciary and here Y K Sabharwal is the best-suited example. For the time, he served as the judge and the former CJI, he has given many judgments, and some of them were not welcomed by the media, people, and others.

Though we have the most significant judges there are hardly any names that we remember when it comes to judges. Except when we talk about the legendary Y K Sabharwal, people across the nation come with a vibrant smile. There are many reasons as for why he was loved and hated both at the same time. Let me share an ex…