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How Y K Sabharwal made his mark in the Indian judiciary

Y K Sabharwal was a legendary personality of Indian legal field. During his entire career, he has gone through a number of challenges, controversies but had never taken a back step. The budding law aspirants of India look forward to Y K Sabharwal. He has been known for various things, but above all, his attitude was respected the most. Today, where the crime is burgeoning, and people are losing their trust over the judiciary, judges like him were the only ray of hope. No matter what the circumstances were and who was standing in front of the court, Mr. Y K Sabharwal has seen everyone with ultimate equality.

In his court, no one was considered, and his judgments were the utter example of the same. Y K Sabharwal never got scared of taking a rigorous step either against the political parties or the construction giants. It is the sole reason as for why he has attained so much respect. His judgments resulted in major controversies, and other parties got enough room to stand against him. Even sometimes the people of the nation were not in support of his decision, but with time, things changed. His virtue behind the judgments was observed and acknowledged not only by the citizens but even by the young lawyers of India and current judges.

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