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Why we need judges like Y K Sabharwal

Indian judiciary is a immeasurable subject, and it is not straightforward to be a master of all the topics unless and until you are completely drowned into it and are determined to be an integral part of it as well.  The judiciary is above all, but for reaching the absolute top position over the other government and state; Judges like Y K Sabharwal has given their heart and soul. Y K Sabharwal has served the country and its legal system right from being an aspiring advocate and reached the level of Chief justice of India. This journey was not simple, and many hurdles tried to stop his mission, but all because of his determined attitude, he is made his name written in gold in the history.

Ex CJI Y K Sabharwal has initiated many changes in the legal fields and his approach and thought process on the legal case is completely different. He was the one who appreciated the removal of article 357 from the constitution. Along with this, his judgment was he said that minor wear and tear of the marriage could not result in the divorce. This judgment has undoubtedly saved millions of marriages by giving them a second chance. Further, allowing the fundamental rights to be challenged in the open court of law is itself commendable was made by Y K Sabharwal only.

There is no end to his judgments which is now helping the people and playing a prominent role for progressive India. Today, we all can stand up for our right without any fear; there is no need for the SC/ST to worry about the quantifiable data required for the registration and the list goes on. So, it becomes our responsibility to welcome his thoughts with grace. To know more about the Ex CJI Y K Sabharwal; you can simply click here at


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